Centra Certification

Become a certified Centra partner!

Do you want to become a pro Centra integrator and prove to the rest of the world that you are? Let us invite you to our certification program, and once you're trained you will receive special Centra badges and bonuses!

To get ready for catching the certificate for FE Partner agencies, make sure you've read our FE development guide.

If you'd like to join the legacy club of SOAP integrators, train through the SOAP integration guide.

If you're interested in learning GraphQL, start with out PIM guide. It has a lot of ready-to-use examples you can run against your own Centra environment. We have even more examples here.

Certification levels and benefits

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Certification level What's required What we offer
Centra beginner Complete introduction webinars Slack support
At least one common customer is live Check-up meetings every 6 months + access to Centra community
At 2-3 common customers are live Check-up meetings every 3 months + previews and beta access to new features
At 5 customers are live Check-up meetings every 1 month + access to exclusive VIP events

Closest incoming webinar dates

Webinar topic Webinar date Target audience
Building a webshop using Checkout API 21-22.09.2022 FE developers, optionally project managers (mostly technical)
Centra fundamentals 11.10.2022 All Centra users, mostly non-technical
Integration APIs - SOAP 19.10.2022 Integration/SOAP developers
Integration APIs - GraphQL 20.10.2022 Integration/GQL developers

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