This is information about the plugin using QuickPay Payment Protocol v10. In Centra, the plugin is called "QuickPay v3".

Gather information from QuickPay


You need the following data:

  • The merchant ID in your account
  • The private key for your merchant
  • The agreement ID for your Payment Window
  • The API-key for your Payment Window

In QuickPay, you will find this information under Settings / Integration:


And you will see both Merchant ID and Agreement ID, clicking the buttons will reveal the Private Key and the API-key:


Create the plugin in Centra

Add QuickPay v3 to your store you want to use it for. Insert the data gathered above and place it in the following fields:


Select if you want to pricelist/market/country restrict the plugin, then save.

The Payment Plugin will now show up as an option for the customers having the proper market/pricelist/country set.

The /payment-endpoint will respond with a action=form with a HTML-form to be submitted automatically when completing the order. You can also build up the form yourself using the formFields and formUrl-parameters.

   "action": "form",
   "formHtml": "<form id=\"form-abc123\" action='https://payment.quickpay.net'>...",
   "formFields": {
       "version": "v10",
       "type": "payment",
       "merchant_id": "12345",
       "agreement_id": "654321",
       "language": "en",
       "order_id": "00033",
       "amount": 10000,
       "currency": "SEK",
       "continueurl": "https://yoursite.com/success",
       "cancelurl": "https://yoursite.com/fail",
       "callbackurl": "https://centra.com/xxx",
       "autocapture": "0",
       "autofee": "0",
       "payment_methods": "",
       "description": "",
       "checksum": "228202d7afacd0ecad5e42c16e032d120d1e752e754127d7be128c1a7dd85fb0"
   "formUrl": "https://payment.quickpay.net"

The customer will either be redirected to the paymentReturnPage or the paymentFailedPage depending on the success of the payment.


To test the flow, you first need to enable "Allow Test transactions" in QuickPay:


You also need enable Test Mode in the Centra-plugin. This is the only way to get test-payments approved.

You will need to disable test-mode for the plugin in Centra when you run it in production.

You can then use the test-cards provided by QuickPay to place test orders.

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