The Centra Admin

When working with the SOAP API you will also need to look at the Centra admin. This is a very brief guide to get you started.

First you need a username and password to log into the centra backend, along with the link to where you log in. Ask someone from Centra to provide this for you.

The Centra Admin

After you login to Centra you will see the dashboard:

The tabs at the top (Dashboard, Catalog, Sales…) is the main navigaion that will take you to different sections of Centra. The row at the bottom has the System and Modules menus with links to other sections that are less frequently used.

Catalog Tab

Under the catalog tab, you will find:

  • Products: The product catalog.
  • Stock: The product catalog again, but a specialized view of the product stock.
  • Charts: Sizetables are here. It is called “size charts” in the admin, but “sizetables” in the API.

Retail And Wholesale Sections

The retail and wholesale sections have a similar set of tabs: Sales, Customers (retail) Accounts (wholesale), Promo and Setup.

  • Sales tab: Orders and shipments are here.
  • Customers tab: Only for retail, contains the retail customers.
  • Accounts tab: Only for wholesale, contains the accounts and buyers.
  • Setup tab:
    • Markets
    • Pricelists
    • Terms: Only for wholesale, the payment and shipping terms.

The SOAP API Module

To go to the SOAP API “module”, click on Modules at the bottom of the screen, then SOAP API.

The SOAP API modules has three tabs. A log with the XML requests and responses, the event queue, and the conversion table.