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1input WarehouseCreateInput {
3name: String!
5# If not set it assigns priority 0, if an id of warehouse is provided it puts the newly created one before it
6beforeWarehouse: WarehouseInput
8# If set, the warehouse and warehouse stock qty will not be shown in the normal list under Catalog > Stock.
9# Instead, it will be seen in a specific section in the bottom called: 'x warehouses are hidden from view: (Show)'.
10hideFromStockView: Boolean
12# You choose who is the physical owner of the stock.
13stockOwnershipPolicy: WarehouseStockOwnership
15# If set to Direct, upon order placement, if the items are in stock, they will be allocated to the order from the
16# available warehouse of the chosen Allocation rule (unless preporder, backorder settings apply).
17# If set to Check first, upon order placement, the items will be allocated to the Direct warehouse of the chosen
18# Allocation rule.
19# At the same time, a request will be sent to a physical shop which can accept or reject the order.
20allocationPolicy: WarehouseAllocationPolicy
22# Allows to set who manages stock for this warehouse, 'Centra' or 'External'. If you select 'Centra' you will be
23# allowed to edit stock values in Centra and through API's. If you select 'External' you will not be able to edit
24# stock values in Centra, only via API's.
25stockMasterPolicy: WarehouseStockMaster
27# Allows to connect your Warehouse to a Brick and mortar store, which will return additional information about your
28# store (like location or opening hours) that can be used on the Front-end.
29brickAndMortar: NullableBrickAndMortarInput
31# Allows to assign which Account this warehouse should be connected to.
32consignationAccount: NullableAccountInput
34# This controls how many items should not be counted in the Free-To-Allocate (FTA) values
35threshold: Int
37warehouseLocation: WarehouseLocationCreateInput

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