Lowest price feature

How does the lowest price feature work?

Price calculation

The lowest price is calculated as the minimal price of a product attainable by using any active campaigns.

These prices are calculated for each valid combination of:

  • market
  • pricelist
  • product variant

Only buyable product prices will be recorded. That means that all the following conditions must be met for a price to be considered during calculations:

  • active product display
  • store is direct to consumer
  • product display is enabled for given market
  • product variant is active
  • pricelist is active

Recorded prices will be adjusted by any relevant campaigns that met the following conditions:

  • the campaign is enabled for the market
  • product variant is enabled for the campaign
  • campaign status is active
  • campaign date restrictions are satisfied (start and end dates)

Vouchers are not considered.

What about correcting price errors?

There is no mechanism in place to correct a historical price. If a price was available, even for a split second, then it will show no matter what. That also applies to setting the price to 0 - it will show as 0 (free product) in the API.

When are the prices calculated?

They are calculated asynchronously on any modification to a:

  • campaign
  • market
  • pricelist
  • product variant

They are also verified daily after midnight.

Where can the lowest price be accessed?

Lowest price feature is supported in both Checkout and Shop APIs. Prices are recorded only for direct to consumer stores.

In all the places where a product or selection response is returned:

  • Product listing (POST /products)
  • Product details (GET /products/{productId})
  • Bundles (GET/POST /bundles/{productId})
  • Receipt (GET /receipt)
  • Selection (GET/PUT /selection, POST /items/{item}, POST/DELETE /lines/{line})
  • etc.

There will be a new field lowestPrice in the response:

  "price": "200.00 SEK",
  "priceAsNumber": 200,
  "priceBeforeDiscount": "200.00 SEK",
  "priceBeforeDiscountAsNumber": 200,
  "discountPercent": 0,
  "lowestPrice": [
      "periodDays": 30,
      "price": "100.00 SEK",
      "priceAsNumber": 100,
      "priceBeforeDiscount": "200.00 SEK",
      "priceBeforeDiscountAsNumber": 200
  "showAsOnSale": false,
  "showAsNew": false,

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