Creating Front End for Centra store

An overview

Integrating Centra with payment service providers

Centra can be configured to integrate with more than a dozen payment providers, including Stripe, Klarna, PayPal, Adyen, ePay, QuickPay and others. See articles in this chapter in order to learn about the most common tips and tricks needed to get those integrations run smoothly.

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Back in stock feature

It is possible to set up the Back in stock feature to e-mail your customers reminders when an item is back in stock. Here's how you can configure it.

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Lowest price feature

How does the lowest price feature work?

Price calculation

The lowest price is calculated as the minimal price of a product attainable by using any active campaigns.

These prices are calculated for each valid combination of:


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Best practices

Caching schemes for Checkout API

  • Client-side caching: Caching is done on the client side, typically in the browser, to reduce network traffic and improve performance by storing responses from the server and reusing them when...

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Cross-sell feature

It provides a great way to recommend additional products to customers that are related to the items they have already purchased.

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