Introduction to Centra APIs

Centra has a few different APIs used for different purposes. This documentation explains all the different APIs used to connect to Centra.

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Each API has its own plugin. Some of the APIs need activation from Centra, such as the subscription API, but the other ones can be easily enabled by adding a new plugin to your store.

To enable a plugin in Centra, go to SYSTEM, then select STORES. Select what store you want your API to connect to and select the API in the list of plugins. You will need administration rights to have access to SYSTEM.


Every API installed in Centra gets its own API-endpoint. This endpoint will then be the prefix of every API-call. In the documentation, this value is called <base>.


For authentication we use the API key, which is a shared secret generated in the Plugin settings of the API. You can use the API-authorization: foo header with the token. The overview section of each API Reference might also define other rules of how to authenticate.

Example request:

curl -H "API-Authorization foo" <base>/orders

Choosing the right API for your integration

Here are some examples which you can consider when planning your integration with Centra. If none of those covers your use case, let us know and we will advise!

[REST] DTC webshop API (Checkout API)

If you are building a front end for your brand or DTC store, either as a website or a mobile app, you should probably look into using Checkout API. It's our hybrid webshop API, able to operate both in Client and Server mode, giving you access to products catalog, prices, payments, checkout, shipping options, vouchers, anything you need to build a webshop. To read more about building a front end using Checkout API, visit Creating Front End for Centra store section.

Shop API [deprecated]

Shop API is an older, soon to be deprecated webshop API, which only works in authenticated Server mode. It operates directly on selections (instead of sessions), is not aware of the end-user context, and is less capable performance-wise, since it doesn't use ES cache internally, like Checkout API does.

Checkout API is highly recommended for any new implementations. Shop API will be deprecated in the near future.

[REST] Integration API (Order API)

If your integration takes care of orders after they are created in Centra, you can be interested in using Order API. It covers lots of functions, like WMS integrations, Return Management Systems, Stock management, etc. For those orders you may want to update existing Orders, create and modify Shipments, read or manipulate Stock, or read/create/update Returns. You also have access to Customer data and the Supplier Module. With the right API plugin config, you will also be able to insert Orders directly into Centra (e.g. when migrating from another e-commerce platform), or manipulate Vouchers (e.g. generating cloned vouchers for your influencers). To learn more, see Order API reference.

Order API was originally built as a pick-and-pack service integration API, with a lot of functionality added over the years. It is, however, very far from being feature-complete. For this reason we are developing GraphQL API.

[GQL] GraphQL Integration API

This is designed to be the last integration API we will ever need. It gives you granular access to almost all parts of Centra, including the parts previously available only from the backend UI. The only limit is your imagination.

Currently, GraphQL works mostly in read-only mode, but we are adding new functionality (including write parts) with every Centra version. Once fully developed, it will deprecate Order API, and possibly SOAP API as well. To learn more, see GraphQL Integration API.

[SOAP] ERP system integrations

Many customers use the ERP systems, like Navision, to store the master of the data for Products, Customers, Pricelists and so on. If you need to integrate to those systems, you may be interested in our SOAP API. Since in this case Centra works in a slave mode, this is currently the only API that allows you to modify Centra Products, Pricelists, Shipping, Invoices, etc. We very rarely add new features to this API, but we also have comprehensive docs covering most of use cases required when working with an ERP system. They are all described in our ERP integration guide.

[REST] Subscription API (deprecated)

This API was replaced by the new subscriptions functionality.

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