Introduction to Centra APIs

Centra has a few different APIs used for different purposes. This documentation explains all the different APIs used to connect to Centra.

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Each API has its own plugin. Some of the APIs need activation from Centra, such as the subscription API, but the other ones can be easily enabled by adding a new plugin to your store.

To enable a plugin in Centra, go to SYSTEM, then select STORES. Select what store you want your API to connect to and select the API in the list of plugins. You will need administration rights to have access to SYSTEM.


Every API installed in Centra gets its own API-endpoint. This endpoint will then be the prefix of every API-call. In the documentation, this value is called <base>.


For authentication we use the API key, which is a shared secret generated in the Plugin settings of the API. You can use the API-authorization: foo header with the token. The overview section of each API Reference might also define other rules of how to authenticate.

Example request:

curl -H "API-Authorization foo" <base>/orders

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