Centra API references

An overview


Shop API gives you a wide range of detail and control over your products base, as well as the basket functionality (called a "selection") with support of multiple payment and shipping methods.

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Order API (REST)

The Order API is mostly used for pick & pack services to finalize already placed orders. It can create and fetch supplier orders. It supports inserting regular orders directly without working with an open cart, which allows handling of orders settled outside of Centra.

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Integration API (GraphQL)


The GraphQL Integration API is still in Beta.

Integration API uses GraphQL for querying and manipulating data.

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a trending alternative to RESTful APIs that pulls all requested data for m...

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Subscription API

The Subscription API is used for recurring sales where the orders are created automatically using a specified subscription period. Using the API you are able to create new subscriptions that will authorize the payment provider and enable orders to be created.

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